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GAP in the Market

4 - 19 July 2015


A Festival of Arts, Creativity and Play




Unit 23, The Bull Ring Indoor Market, Edbaston Street, Birmingham



Welcome to The GAP in the Market - a tightly-packed (quite literally!) programme of workshops, exhibitions, screenings, performances, talks and tours, including all manner of content – from craftivism and cultural resistance to play readings, clay mapping and the much loved Great Brum Grub Crawl. And all this squeezed into a tiny, collectively-created arts space in a Bull Ring Indoor Market stall in Birmingham!


The programme has been curated and co-ordinated by The GAP Arts Project, a team of highly motivated and talented young creatives. Our aim is to offer young people, artists, participants and public audiences an eclectic mix of social activities as opportunities to create, share, learn, listen, play and engage together.  


We look forward to seeing you there!




4-11 July 2015   

This week kicks off the festival with an all-hands-on-deck collaboration to build and beautify the Gap in the Market arts space in a day. We'll be building, painting, furnishing, hanging, sewing and stocking with anyone who wants to bring their skills and get involved in this amazing project.


Doors open for business on the 7th with a mash-up of creative activities, ensuring something for everyone, whether you're a craftivist, a theatre buff, foodie, techie or gamer and fun lover. Not forgetting some fun fishy business that's not to be missed!


Check out the programme here to get your festival off to a really 'swimming' start... 



14-19 July 2015

Whether working with a playwright, a lump of clay or a glue gun is what tickles your fancy, this is a week to try something new, share stories and celebrate. 


As well as the brilliant Grub Crawl there's a photo walk, a digital treasure trail, plus plenty of opportunities for crafting and creating, sharing food and music, getting competitive over Jenga and jigsaws and joining us for a celebratory party at the end of the week.


Be sure to look at what's on this week to avoid disapppointment!

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